A new time is here, a new year, a new stage, a new blank screen, a new Bohindie Stream Blog and a New Writer. A new energy. What better way to signify this time of new beginnings than to bask in last year’s energy, and use that energy to transform this fresh, new, crisp, gently flowing, white sheet of an untouched year, into the best year of all our years.

We as humans all encounter ebb's and flows, ups and downs, roller-coaster rides of emotions, happenings, situations, good and bad in equal measure. No matter what our overall feeling of an entire glorious year is, it is undoubtedly just that. Glorious. The bad and the good all hold such large, vibrating energy surrounding them and when used to our advantages, these extreme amounts of energy can be used to enhance us as human beings. From experience, there are 5 things to keep in mind to harness energy for good, or at least 5 that I find enhancing for me. 5 things I learnt, 5 things that have allowed me to begin this year on cloud 600.

1. UNDERSTANDING - Getting down and in depth with your own emotions can be blindingly overwhelming for most. Understanding what has caused certain emotions, situations, and feelings to surface for me, often is the hardest part of moving forward from things. But it is so needed in order to become in tune with yourself, understand what makes you tick and what you can and cannot with hold. We as Humans, are complex creatures, get to know yourself first.

2. ACCEPTANCE - No doubt, bad things will happen. Whether it be something as simple as scuffing a shoe, or as large as losing a loved one. It is imperative to accept what has happened. That it is life, and that life pans out how it is meant to. Each occurring thing that enters our lives is MEANT for us, even the ugly. Learn to spread your arms open and welcome the ugly, just as you do the beautiful. They are transformative and vital parts of the journey to becoming who you are and who you are meant to be. 

3. MOTIVATION -  Ah, our dear friend Motivation, one that is so tricky to track down and seldom sticks to planned hangouts. I have found over time that past happenings and the burning fires or dark and deep blue oceans they have brought about inside your gut are fuel in every sense of the word. Use whatever swirling source it has conjured up, to your advantage and allow it to push you so much further than you ever thought was possible for your limbs (or brain limbs) to take you. The fire inside only dies if you let it. Revisit the past happenings as many times as you need. Remind yourself what you learnt from those happenings, how they made you feel and use it as rocket fuel. Once accepted, they are a brain bound photo album to flick through when you need a hit. Use it.

4. PROGRESSION - We all as human beings on this big ball of blue and green, make mistakes, mishaps, great choices, passion dripped gestures, exceptional movements, giant leaps and ugly failures. The beauty about this life is the amount of time we have to filter through and progress. Progress from the bad things, change and alter our new moves, even the smallest change. Manifest the magic things and fill our lives with more and more. Each life trip comes with a lesson, and that lesson guides us to our next choice. We are the makers of our todays, our tomorrows and our next years. Yesterdays are merely stepping stones, some a little wonky, some we lose our balance, and some are filled with wonks and wonders in equal measure. Today is new and fresh. Put your teachings into action, the rest falls into place.

5. LETTING GO - Everyone instinctively sets out a path in their brains that they wish to stay upon, a path that includes milestones and marriage and babies or no babies and no marriage or a gold plated career or a simple home in a barley field with small dogs and 6 chickens or to walk the moon, or to write movies for big time humans. whichever part of the spectrum your path fits into. Let. It. Go. The constant need to be on the path we have told ourselves we must be on in order to be fulfilled and happy, stops us from being just that. It clamps our freedom and puts us in boxes like battery hens. The fun in life, when the true adventure begins, is when you allow your path to simply become a goal, an end point, the real deal, and embrace the crazy, passionate, odd, breathtakingly unplanned journey to your destination. Do not hold back, let life take you, and have faith in the knowledge that you shall always end up where you are meant to be, with who you are meant to be with, doing exactly what you are meant to be doing. Make the journey a crazy one. Let loose.


Life begins with life's past. Every year, Every month, Every week, Every day. It makes your future. Allow it to expand all corners of your soul, grow from it, inhale it, bask in it and own it. Hold it close and simmer in it. It is the driving force that creates today. 

I hope you are able to make this year the most extraordinary year you have been blessed to enter, and find some form of solitude in the steps above, use them at your will, or use them at your wont. Simply know that life is waiting for you, this fresh new beginning alongside it. And that you have everything it takes to achieve unimaginable greatness inside your very birth given fibers.

So much joy, 

Connie P Xo 




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