This past Sunday, we at Bohindie Stream had a very cool photo shoot in the small, antebellum town known as Thomasville, Georgia.  The old-south aesthetic and interesting, local shops make Thomasville a must-go location for anyone within a day’s drive.  Just make sure to get there before 6pm for the shops and definitely don’t go on Sunday if you want anywhere to be open.

The shoot happened to start at my first recommendation, Grassroots Coffee.  This is a pretty universally lauded destination that offers great coffee in a very interesting and beautiful building.  It is certainly worth a visit and is a reason to go to Thomasville if you haven’t.

The second place to go is probably my favorite of the three and it’s the Sweet Grass Cheese Shop.  This really is a cheese and hard meat shop that kind of morphed into a great, charming little restaurant.  Don’t expect to be going anywhere fast and don’t mind the wait, enjoy it.  This place is beautiful and the food is amazing.  It’s not your traditional restaurant in that it’s primarily group appetizer centric.  It’s a place to go and talk while enjoying tasty and unusual local foods.

The last place on the list is a great place to get dessert after a nice day on the town.  While Smallcakes may be a franchise, the Thomasville location is certainly the best I’ve been to.  The cupcakes are great and this is a wonderful place to end off any date night.

These are all good recommendations, but don’t stop there. Go and explore Thomasville yourself.  Find your own favorite spots! 

Written by Charlie Barrineau 


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