The first piece of Selenite I ever interacted with came into my life as a gift. It was a special crystal to me, laden with the association of the friend who had bestowed it upon me. A few months after receiving it, as I was packing up my apartment before traveling, this beloved crystal of mine fell from my bookshelf and landed hard on our old brick floor, cracking into two pieces.

I regretfully examined the two new fragments, and my disappointment quickly alchemized into awe at the perfect way in which the Selenite had  broken. Made of gypsum, Selenite is a soft sulfate mineral, and the smooth ridges of the perfect crystalline structure had maintained its integrity through the damage. The pieces fit together perfectly, no part lost, rather more beautiful from its fracture and in the way the pieces came back together. How appropriate that this pearly, celestial treasure, formed when the salt water of the ocean evaporates, is named after Selene, the moon goddess and influencer of the tides.

Highly associated with purity, peace, and higher consciousness, Selenite never needs to be cleansed; In fact, vibrating with a frequency of 244.5 MHZ (that unit means one million cycles per second!), Selenite doesn’t need to be cleansed and charged like other varieties, and for this reason is used as source energy to charge other crystals. To ensure that all your crystals are always cleansed and ready to protect your energy, charge them up overnight on a selenite plate: as powerful as it is pretty!

I was absolutely amazed to discover that Selenite produces 800 negative ions per cubic centimeter in the surrounding air, which is double what a pristine forest produces per the same surface area. It is absolutely incredible that this crystal, which you can carry with you and keep in your home, is twice as powerful as a healing-grade forest! No wonder this crystal is associated with the Crown Chakra, divine spirit, and unity.

Written by: Melanie Rose 


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