Opal: the crystal of self-worth, confidence, lightness, creativity, and spontaneity. These sparkling gemstones truly dance in the light! Elements of earth, water, and fire all sing out from crystal opal, one of the most distinctly vibrant and recognizable stones due to its natural iridescence.

Several cultures in the pre-modern world believed opal to be the most powerful gem due to its spectacular vibrancy, a handheld representation of natural occurrences: the ever-flowing ocean, electric sparks of lightning, the dancing of a hot fire, all flashing through this crystal’s diffraction.

The opal, a delicate mineral formed of silica deposits, is 20% water-- and therefore holds a powerful space for energy and manifestation. These are highly absorbent and reflect what is around them, amplifying any energies it absorbs, so it’s important to stay mindful and positive when wearing opal! We love wearing opal jewelry for the sweet, light energy it carries and amplifies within. A good way to care for these crystals is to submerge them in water for a few hours at a time, to prevent them from drying out or even cracking over time. This will keep them hydrated and charged up!

Opals symbolize inner radiance and intuition because of their highly reflective quality, identified strongly with expressing self-confidence and passion in one’s life. If you’re looking to cultivate a stronger connection to your creativity and higher self, this angelic stone provides an ideal energetic mirror to help you see your true self and creative expression more clearly.

These are purely unique specimens, just like we are; no two opals will ever be the same. This serves as a physical manifestation of and freeing reminder that we are all divinely different and carry a unique light to reflect into the world!

Opal used in our 'Morning Stars Earrings'
Written by: Melanie Rose 


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