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Jewelry for Restless Dreamers


▪Electroplated Amethyst Spirit Quartz 
▪Gold plated brass chain 

Due to crystal variances and their unique raw nature, each one may differ in size and shape. No two crystals are cut exactly the same. This piece is from our handpicked collection!

Message from Spirit Quartz:

I am the crystal of harmony, happiness, and romance. I take all the crystal energies of my main stone and amplify in all directions over and over again in all my tiny points. I am spiritually uplifting and radiate high-vibrational energy in all directions. I stimulate on all levels the physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and subtle bodies.

I am a protective stone, both energetically and physically. I shield the aura, transmute negative energy, and protect from physical harm. I also bring a sense of calm and peace that helps decrease fears. I can be used to heighten experiences with astral travel, dream work and meditation

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