Ocean Eyes | Summer 2017

Photography: Faith Deutsch | Creative Director: Briana Ali |  Styling: Bella Mayes |  Model: Jessica Sharma
Model: Eva Holly 

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust | Spring 2017

Photography: Faith Deutsch | Creative Director: Briana Ali   |  Styling: Bella Mayes |  Model: Natalie
Model: Kayla Schmidt BTS Videographer: Mark Poucher 

Lost in Nostalgia | Fall 2016

Photography: Lennon Photography  | Creative Director: Briana Ali   |  Styling: Gabby Hetzer |  Model: Bella Mayes
Model: Paige Godfrey Model: Sami Barnett 

Unearthed Essence | Summer 2016

Photography: Mikayla Gamble  | Creative Director: Briana Ali   | Styling: Jessi Anderson Styling: Melissa Cancel

 Model: Janna Rasch  |  Model: Jenn Patria |  Intern on Set: Kyle Brunstetter 


City of Translucent Thoughts | Spring 2016

Photography: Herbert Felix  | Creative Director: Briana Ali   | Styling: Bianca Rodriguez Styling: Sydne Kilberg  |  Model: Katarina Sykes  |  Model: Amanda Riera  

 Intern on Set: Jessi Anderson |  Intern on Set: Bryn Westerlind  Intern on Set: Marcia Miles  Intern on Set: Charlie Barrineau

Crystallized in the Present: A Short Film Winter 2015

Director: Briana Ali  | Cinematographer: Kyle Brunstetter   |  Actor: David Williams |  Actress: Kayla Jines  
Costume Design: Sydney Dukas Costume Design: Katherine Hall  Screenplay: Sydney Dukas  Screenplay: Katherine Hall Intern on Set: Marcia Miles
 Music: I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)- Sleeping at Last

Looking Through the Daze | Fall 2015

Photography: Brooke Huseby  | Creative Director: Briana Ali   | Styling: Sydney Dukas Styling: Katherine Hall  |  Model: Sarah Davis  |  Model: Hannah Wardlaw   

 Intern on Set: Gabrielle Cook |  Intern on Set: Kyle Brunstetter  Intern on Set: Marcia Miles  Intern on Set: Melissa Cancel

East of Eden | Summer 2015

Photography: Desirée Cáceres  | Creative Director: Briana Ali   | Styling: Lexy Henry
 Model: Laura Abril  |  Model: Neichelle Loh

Built and Torn | Fall 2014 

Photography: Haley Wetherington  | Creative Director: Briana Ali  
 Model: Heather Watkins  |  Model: Rebecca Cunningham

Lucid Waves : A short film Spring 2015

Collaborative Directing Efforts: Briana Ali & Haley Wetherington  | Producer: Briana Ali  
Cinematographer: Haley Wetherington  |  Actor: David Williams Actor: Kayla Jines  | Styling: Briana Ali  
 Music: I Never Want to Leave by DIY Scarves 

Fall into Wander Land | Fall 2013

Photography: Haley Wetherington  | Creative Director: Briana Ali   | Styling: Kayla Sim  
 Model: Spencer Henson  |  Model: Zyria Alexander |  Makeup: Caitlin Bullock