Life is made of days and nights, both the light and the dark, the exhilarating spectrum of joy and heartbreak. As humans we all feel the depth and range of emotional experience: wild, raw, and as out of our control as a churning ocean tide. 

No one can control what happens to them, but we can all learn and develop the skill of positive responses and thinking. We can only ever truly control our experience from the inside out, so why wouldn’t we fill our inner landscape with as much beauty and love as we can?

The “good vibes only” movement is not just an idealistic concept or trend. There’s real studies behind the power of affirmations and intentions! You might already be familiar with the famous experiment by Masaru Emoto: in the early ‘90s, this Japanese scientist exposed frozen water crystals to different thoughts and feelings by presenting songs, photos, words, and prayers to the samples. Amazingly, he found that the molecular structure of samples exposed to positive messages, such as “love and gratitude”, developed a beautiful structure resembling a complex sparkling snowflake, while samples exposed to negativity such as “you make me sick”, displayed irregular and incomplete expressions.

We can actually see these variations at the molecular level in water- which also happens to make up over 60% of the human body- so just imagine the power of generating our own positive thoughts and intentions! The way we speak to ourselves and others has a very real effect. What kind of ripple are you sending into the universe? Exercising a positive outlook can take time to cultivate, but it’s something that gets stronger with time and practice. Consider the affirmations you assign to your favorite crystals: what does it represent to you? What do you choose to hold in your heart as you move throughout your day?

Just as we can assign beautiful meaning to & cleanse negative energy from our crystals, we can generate loving intention within & cleanse ourselves in each moment. Don’t underestimate the power of positivity in your life, babe- show up for yourself, and never stop tending to your inner garden with love and care!

Written by Melanie Rose 


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