Happy Earth Day Bohindie Babes! The Bohindie Stream crystals we have are just one of Earth’s beautiful creations. The different colors and tones, the positive energy, the emotions and aura that we emit, are all grounded as we are one with the earth. We wear these crystals not just over our chests, but over our hearts.

The Earth has provided for us, and has loved us unconditionally, no matter our backgrounds and cultures. Trees cover the land and create the air we breathe, clean up our pollution, and build our lives. Saving the trees from getting cut and burned down at an alarming rate will save the animals, that will in turn save the humans, that will save our future generations.

Pure love for the earth should take over us, not just as a fad, but as a lifelong mission. Native Americans had a seven generation plan for preserving the lands of Earth. Today’s society has a fear of even looking at tomorrow. We need to stand up for ourselves, take initiative, and use the love in our hearts to preserve the environment.

The little habits that you change can go a long way in this life. Simple things like keeping the water running while brushing your teeth wastes the gallons that you take away from a child who needs it just to stay hydrated. Earth day is not just about the planet, but loving one another. And when we love one another, the planet thrives off of us, making the world a better place.

Bohindie Babes, you can make a difference and make Earth Day every day.

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