April showers bring May flowers. Bohindie Babes, remember that old saying dating back to our childhood? Spring has arisen in Earth’s garden, and flowers are blooming across the lands like a dream. In anticipation of the clouds parting upon the petals, the rains will fall upon the dirt. That keeps a lot of us inside, wondering what to do. Here are rainy day ideas to bide your time before getting to frolick in the sun’s warmth.

The mighty thunder roars as I type this, giving me a great chance to be one with my thoughts. I like to express my feelings by either writing them down or blogging away. Whether they go public or not, give that time to yourself to feel your soul. Keeping them pent up creates that negative energy that you need to release. This medium is a great way to feel you’re not on your own.

Getting lost in something like a good book is also a way to feel out those rainy days. Getting lost in your closet isn’t. Be productive and clean out your closet to feel more organized. Better yet, clear that space to make way for those new shoes you’ve always wanted. Even if you can’t wear them outdoors yet, online shopping is so much fun.

DIY creations are also a lot of fun. Check out some our DIY crafts, ranging from jewelry holders to candles that will fill your room with happiness. This safe place is a great place to relax after with a little film festival of your own. Watch a classic flick with bubbles while you soak in the bathtub too, just keep the electronics away from the water!

Rainy days sometimes are the best days. Just when you thought your time was going to be dull, the creative juices start flowing, and that day becomes the happiness of relaxation. Use this time to recoup with your life, and enjoy Bohindie Babes.