Things Needed:

·      Wood dowel or branch

·      Yarn

·      Jute string (optional)

·      Scissors

This is a fun easy way to decorate your room! And the possibilities are endless – any color, any size!

Starting with the yarn, cut it double the length of how long you want it to hang. Some of the yarn you can cut longer or shorter if you want to add a bit of flair. But make sure to cut a bunch and don’t worry about the lengths being perfect, you can trim the ends at the end. 

After cutting up a bunch, you can start tying them to the branch. I think slip knotting them is the best way, but any way you want to will work! Be as creative as you want!

As you’re tying the yarn, try to make sure the knots are tight and as close together as possible. Each piece should be squeezed next to the previous piece to prevent gaps.

After filling your branch with yarn, the next step is to trim the bottoms. You can either create a design (like a “V” shape), trim it to have a straight edge or an angle, or you can leave it untrimmed and random. There are lots of different options!

Lastly, you can use jute string to hang it up. Figure out the length you want it and then wrap it around both ends of the branch and tie it to secure it. The string is optional for hanging it up (I’ve seen some hangings that don’t have a string, they just rest on nails in the wall).

This is a great idea for a crafting night or even a fun gift to give!