“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” This quote by Jim Rohn has inspired me to not take for granted my mental and physical health. It doesn’t have to be the willpower to climb a mountain, but it is the little things that you can do each morning that can make the world of a difference. Here are some ideas that you can build into your free-spirited lifestyle.

Water. It makes up over half of our bodies. So why don’t we keep it as fresh as our news feeds? Starting the day out with a fresh glass of water can do wonders for our bodies. It’s great to wake us up and kick-start our systems. Better yet, get a colorful travel mug that you leave by your bed side, filled with ice cold water, so in the morning you begin with the refreshing taste to make you feel a whole lot better.

That colorful travel mug can also have a wonderful effect on you as well! According to the color theory, bright colors are stimulating to the brain and your senses. Those bright colors can help you get moving, decreasing your grogginess levels so you feel happier. Wonderful colors equals a wonderful you.

Expressing gratitude goes a long way towards not just others, but yourself. It gains a perspective before starting your days. We may get lost in the things we have to do, but we can’t lose sight of what is bigger than that. Writing down what you are grateful and what you are looking forward to in the day gives a better outlook. Being free-spirited includes being happy, and this in turn leads to better productivity. Better productivity leads us right back to being happy when we get home!

Your body and soul go hand in hand, and taking care of it will allow you to live a long and prosperous life. Bohindie Babes, maybe you can even share a couple of morning rituals that you do in the comments section below! Keep smiling on.