Taken by Jessi Anderson 

Taken by Jessi Anderson 

As a male looking into the world of Bohindie Stream, it can be kind of intimidating.  Most guys have just come through and bought something for their better half and not considered that many pieces might also work for them.  Men can see the aesthetic that Bohindie Stream creates as unattainable or unapproachable unless you’re some hipster or Johnny Depp. The truth is that’s just not the case. Many of the pieces look great with simple outfits.

The bullet case designs such as the Bullet of Focus and the Bullet of Energy look great with baggy sweaters and jackets.  Fitted jeans and casual dress shoes or even work boots can work well for this look as well.  Don’t forget you can also get these pieces customized with black cords instead of the gold chains, which adds a masculine edge to pieces like the Trios.  All of these looks are classy, fun and will certainly impress.  There are many accessible pieces to men, given a little searching and customization.

 Don’t let the women in your life have all the Bohindie fun.   Try some new looks and spice up your style!

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