Here’s a colorful way to brighten up your bedroom!

Start with any lamp you already have or go out and buy one at a thrift store. Next decide what type of rope you want to use. You can pick a multicolor rope/yarn to add an eclectic look or maybe just a simple neutral twine to give a natural, modern feel. Once you’ve picked everything out, you’re ready to start revamping!

There are two ways to do this. You can either decide to wrap the rope horizontally or vertically around the lampshade. If you decide horizontally then you will need a hot glue gun and a spray adhesive.

Horizontally: Start the rope at the base of the lamp shade and on the back seam; use the hot glue gun to start and hold the rope down on that seam. Next spray the spray adhesive around the lampshade as you slowly wrap the rope around. (Spray little portions at a time). Every time the rope makes it to the seam use the hot glue to attach it more securely. Repeat these steps until the entire lampshade is wrapped.

If you decide to wrap the rope vertically then there’s a different method to use.

Vertically: To do it vertically, it’s best to take off the lampshade and only keep the wire frame. Then take the rope and begin wrapping it over the frame vertically. Tie the rope when you’re completely finished and try to tuck the knot inside the lampshade to hide it.

Now you have a new, repurposed lamp that will make a great new addition in your room!