February is here, and Valentine’s Day is near. Love is filling the air, and whether or not you want to hold your breath until your face turns purple, pink will be the color this month. Valentine’s is the time to share your love with your significant other, whomever that might. It might even be your four-legged friend! Regardless of who is important to you, you have to treat yourself right first. You can enjoy it with chocolates, ice cream, and/or the very best cheesy rom-coms. Get music to meet love in the airwaves around us to plan something special. We have the magic, so don’t be shy, and play the newest Bohindie Stream Spotify playlist to your lovey dovey heart’s content.

Turning back the clock with classic 80’s love is the song “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS. This 1987 track is all about unexpected love. The universe works in mysterious ways, and this song is about instant attraction, even if love doesn’t make sense. The saxophone builds that statement how high a love can get, and what destiny is all about. Two worlds colliding into a love that could never be torn apart, a love hooked right from the start.

A world on her own is Beyoncé, bigger than any saxophone solo could ever get. Beyoncé ‘turns the lights out’ in her his song, “XO.” She understands that love cannot last forever, but to enjoy life and love while it is here. We are all human and feel the same things, and Beyoncé wants us to appreciate love before it is too late.

Hayley Williams in her hit song with Paramore, “The Only Exception,” doesn’t even believe at first that love exists. Her parents were in an unstable relationship, and this childhood carries into her own love life with significant others that just can’t work out. She promises to not love anyone, because what’s the point if it’s not real? She has always kept her distance, until she meets “him.” He changes everything, and she is on her way to believing in love. He is “The Only Exception.”

We are all living miracles, praise the love around us. Take each day at a time, and cherish every moment. Enjoy the new playlist Bohindie Babes!