This DIY is an adorable idea for Valentines gifts to give to your best friends!

 Things Needed:

·      Small bottles (Try to get bottles with cork tops)

·      Glitter! (Martha Stewart sets are amazing!)

·      Glue

·      Valentine Gift tags (Can buy pre-made or can get extra crafty and make your own)

·      Bath salts

·      Bubble bath

·      Muslin bags (optional)

 The first step in making these little love potions is to glitter the tops. Dip the cork tops in glue and make sure to get some of the sides too. Then pour on the glitter and try to use different shades of glitter on each to make them pretty and unique! After letting them dry, fill each bottle with either the bubble bath or bath salts you picked. Add a cute gift tag and then you’re all ready to start handing them out!