There is no better way to spend your off days than exploring your city and its surrounding areas. I just moved to Tallahassee this January and have taken advantage of the parks and neighborhoods this beautiful city has to offer. 


Last week, I took a day trip about an hour and twenty minutes away to Falling Waters National Park. I HIGHLY recommend going to see Florida's tallest waterfall (even though I was previously unaware Florida had any waterfalls to begin with.) Falling Waters is a 100 foot deep pit that flows from a small stream of water that drops 72 feet to the bottom. This park includes camping, a sink hole trail, the waterfall trail, a swimming beach, bike trails, and fishing. 


I also recently adventured to A J Henry National Park and Maclay Gardens in the Tallahassee area. A J Henry is a 72 acre park with many natural trails and picnic areas. I ended up finding a wooden bridge over a creek on one of the trails that was absolutely beautiful and rather peaceful. Maclay was a "masterpiece of floral architecture" with Lake Hall around the garden providing a place for swimming, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. High blooming season is RIGHT NOW so make sure you stop by the gardens pronto tonto!

Before moving to Tallahassee, I had no idea that this city and others nearby provided this much beauty and nature activities. I will be adventuring much more and will be sure to keep you Bohindie Babes up to date!