As the models were preparing their hair and makeup for the shoot, one of the brand ambassadors, Bryn, and I made our way to the town of Thomasville, Georgia. This is where we would scout out locations to capture the Spring collection. Neither of us had ever made the drive up to see this quant little town in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere. Siri had decided to take us through the backroads to get us there, which ended up taking longer, but it turned out to work in our favor as we were able to see the forest leading up to the town along with many farm animals. 

With some of the buildings still remaining from the 1880's, Thomasville provided many ideal spots for the photo shoot with all the history, art, culture, and nature that surrounded us. Being that it was Sunday in a small town with a tiny population, we quickly found that every store and restaurant was closed in the downtown area. We did however, end up finding this amazing coffee company with exposed brick and local artist's pieces hanging throughout the store that let us come inside to shoot, even though they were not open at the time. 


After the first look was shot in the coffeeshop, we adventured around to old rustic buildings and alleyways to capture the other three looks. Everything seemed to go perfectly, from the models workin' with Bohindie pieces on set, to the photographer capturing all the shots we needed and more, and to the weather being in our favor even though the past couple days had been dreary and cold. We are so excited to see how the photos turned out, even more excited to launch the Spring collection for our Bohindie Babes.