Justin Bieber has had a very polarizing career with spectacular successes and perhaps even more spectacular failures of late.  For many his run-ins with the law turned them off to his music and him as a personality/celebrity.  Bieber needed something to reinvent himself and 2015 was his year to do just that.  His rebranding started with the Roast of Justin Bieber which was aired by Comedy Central on March 30th of 2015.  This was a pretty apparent publicity stunt to come off as more humble and likable to bring back fans he had lost through his questionable escapades.  However apparent a ploy it may have been, it went on to be the roast with the highest ratings ever for the station.  This along with other efforts on social media and TV allowed him to start to change his image for the better.  The major shift in the acceptance came with the release of his most recent album, Purpose

                  Being a man in my twenties, I may not be the target audience of Justin Bieber’s music, but even I could hear a massive improvement in his efforts. Purpose really took his sound to new places with production from forces in the industry like Skrillex and Diplo, most notably on the track “Where Are Ü Now” which took the world by storm when it was first released on the self-titled Jack Ü project.  All three of the singles “What Do You Mean?”, “Sorry”, and “Love Yourself” were received incredibly well in a pop-culture sense.   The album went on to do very well, having the highest selling week of 2015 as well as going platinum (having over 1,000,000 sales.)  This album, however, doesn’t seem to be defined by its financial success, but rather its new, electronic/dubstep sound that carries many songs.  There are, of course, his usual ballads to play to the younger, female demographic, but those are accompanied by some very good up-tempo songs that have people that were never fans before, like myself, interested.  If Bieber’s career and music follow this new path he has set up for himself then he has a decent chance at keeping himself and his music relevant and fun.