"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St. Augustine

If you like to travel and have an obsession with taking photos and keeping ticket stubs for memories then this idea is for you!

For all the elaborate planned-out trips or for the simple local day trips, a travel journal is a great way to remember your special moments. It’s always fun to look back through old journals and photo albums of past trips so why not combine them into one fun adventure journal and fill it with all your amazing trips!

You can include maps, checklists, pockets/folders, photos, ticket stubs, doodles, and notes.

Also you might want to include travel-related to-do lists; topics can include “yummy foods to try” and “important landmarks to see.” (It’s always fun to cross off items on a list!) You can use your journal as a travel planner or a way to document your many exploits.

It’s the ultimate travel most-have! This journal is made to remember impromptu road trips with your besties, backpacking trips across Europe, long days at the beach, and romantic getaways with your love. But the best memories are sometimes the spontaneous, unexpected adventures you encounter along the way. Either way this journal is meant to hold a lifetime of fun memories.

Get ready to jet off on your next adventure! No matter where in the world your travels take you, remember that you can record your memories in your adventure journal!