With snow draped across the country, people are seeking just enough warmth to get by the next couple of months. Meanwhile, South Floridians are basking in the sun, soaking up their tans. Fort Lauderdale, especially, has year-around sunshine on the many canals that rival the land. There is a lot to love in the “Venice of America” with its beaches, art, and overall culture.

Fort Lauderdale is known for its iconic white wave wall in front of its beautiful landscaped beaches. Across the street are luxurious hotels, shopping, and exquisite restaurants. Even with its top-end offerings, you can still get your tacky tourist on and visit the plenty of gift shops scattered around town.

After getting a little sunburned when you forgot to put on suntan lotion, head on over to Las Olas Boulevard! Even more top-of-the-line shops and restaurants await in a quaint setting. This is until the bars and clubs open up and bring the nightlife to the city to the wee hours of the night.

When you want to take it slow, skip your way over to the antique Stranahan house. The Stranahan House is a preserved 1900s era that takes you back in time. It is beautifully decorated around the holidays, celebrating a Victorian Christmas! This historic house is located right on the water, and has river ghost tours every Sunday. You might even encounter spooky spirits along the way. Otherwise, there are plenty of multi-million dollar mansions to awe at as you float down the river.

Fort Lauderdale is full of surprises, and is fun in the sun! Welcome to Paradise Bohindie Babes.