1.      Go on a road trip across country.

The best kinds of trips are with your best friends. So before you and your friends graduate and all move away, take advantage of still being together and go on a summer road trip. Grab your friends, pack your bags and hop in your car for a fun adventure cross-country.

2.      Backpack through Europe.

This is a classic rite of passage for many people in their twenties. With the Eurail pass and cheap Ryanair flights the adventures can be endless. Remember, hostels are a great way to meet other travelers and save money!

3.      Have a crazy spring break.

Everyone has to experience at least one wild spring break in their lifetime. And it’s probably better to do this in your early 20s before you graduate.

4.      Study Abroad.

If you’re in college, study abroad programs are a great option! You can plan a semester or even a year away and it’s available in almost every country around the world!

5.      Explore Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia is considered the ultimate destination to lose and find yourself. This is a great place to experience different cultures and make new friends along the way.

6.      Revel in a quiet camping trip.

Go camping in the middle of nowhere. There’s an old saying that being outdoors is good for the soul. So find somewhere that will truly make you feel at one with nature. Refresh yourself in the calm and peace of nature.

7.      Go to a music festival.

Spend a weekend at a music festival. Whether its Coachella or Burning Man, music festivals are thrilling and addicting. Some of your best memories will be from your exciting festival weekend.

8.      Spend a week on the beach.

Go on a romantic getaway! Spend a week on a beautiful beach, relaxing with someone you love. Do absolutely nothing. Relax and read.

9.      Take a last minute trip.

Somewhere unexpected. No plans are sometimes the best plans!

10.  Volunteer in another country

Helping others is a great way to grow and see new perspectives. Volunteering is also a great way to go somewhere new without having to spend a lot.

So seize the day! Pack your bags and go on an adventure!