This is a cute, whimsical way to hang all your Bohindie necklaces! It’s an easy and cost-efficient way to organize your jewelry.

 What You Need:

Piece of driftwood or a tree branch

Paint and paintbrushes

Hammer and nails (or pushpins)

String or twine



1.     First, paint your piece of driftwood or tree branch. I decided to paint a pattern with different colors on mine, but you don’t have to use multiple colors or a pattern.

2.     After it dries, grab the nails or push pins and gently start hammering them into the branch. Your necklaces will hang on these so use as many nails as you want! But be careful not to hammer the nails all the way in and also make sure that they’re all facing the same way.

3.     Next measure how long you want your string to hang before tying that string on both ends of the branch.

4.     Last step is to hang up your whimsical jewelry holder and start placing your necklaces!

I hope you enjoy this fun, easy way to organize all your untangled jewelry