Valentine’s Day is right around the corner Bohindie Babes! Roses and chocolates will be aplenty, but when you get the creative juices flowing, leave the clichés, like 2015, behind. Friends, family, babes, and significant others are all important to you. You can show them how much they mean to you with a do-it-yourself craft!

Featured this week is a DIY state corkboard! Some states will be easier to create than others, I am looking at you Colorado. Representing Florida, this state will be a fun project that will cost less than twenty dollars to make. These materials can be found around the house, and the rest at any art store. You will need scissors, thumbtacks, string or wire, card stock, a printer, and a corkboard tile.

The how-to instructions are quite simple, actually. The first step is to push the thumbtacks halfway down into the corkboard in the shape of your chosen state. Look up the shape of the state or even print an outline as a helpful aid. Next, wrap the string around the thumbtacks and across the state. Try to fill the inside of your state with as much string or wire as possible. The more colorful the strings, the prettier it can look!

Once the state is complete, fill the rest of the corkboard with the best pictures that you want! Cut them into fun shapes like hearts, stars, and other funky ways to showcase the memories you have always loved and want to share. Good luck Bohindie Babes, and have fun!