For a lot of us, a new semester of school has just started and with it comes all the craziness of new busy schedules. Sometimes this can be very overwhelming and a little stressful. So to cope with all the hustle and bustle, here’s a few ways to calm your mind, to keep your thoughts from racing and your heart from spinning.

One way to help your mind focus this semester, is to set aside time daily to clear your head and just listen to your own thoughts. Silence is amazing in helping people heal and rejuvenate their minds. Just taking a moment in the morning to listen carefully to your thoughts, can really help clear your head and leave you in a peaceful state of mind.

Another way to be positive and alleviate stress is to take time to do what makes your soul happy. In the midst of the chaos of life, we need to remember to stop and take time to do things that make us truly happy. Sometimes we forget to take a break and get caught in the hurried pace of life. But if we don’t remember to take time to do what makes us truly happy then we will forget who we are and what we love.

This semester, I hope everyone can keep a centered mind state in wake of the chaos. Try to have fun by doing what you love and remember to take time to listen to your soul and reflect. With these tips I know all you Bohindie babes will have an amazing semester!