After the first group of Bohindie interns in Fall 2016, we bring to you our new Spring 2016 Interns! This new group cannot wait to build upon the great work of the previous interns, as we look forward to contributing a unique and creative perspective to Bohindie Stream. There is no doubt that with our upcoming collaborations Bohindie Stream will continue to grow and flourish!

 The most amazing part about these new interns is that we all have similar interests but each have our own unique niche. We are all so excited to use each other’s strengths to learn different ways of thinking and working. On the team is our two stylists: Sydne (@sydkill) and Bianca (@bianca_j) who focus on fashion inspiration for the upcoming photo shoots and seeing those ideas through. Then we have Ashleigh (@ashcashbgash) and Bryn (@brynola_barr) on the brand ambassador team, where they bring awareness of the brand through social media events and wearing the products! On the blogging side you have Charlie (@calamaricharlie), Allie (@allieraygirl),  and myself, Jessi (@jessianderson). We will be three of the four putting out the reading material your brains will be sucking up in the near future. Marcia (@marciamiles) is working on public relations and Kyle (@kylesportsguy) is focusing on marketing to really get Bohindie out there to the world (psst he blogs with Bohindie Stream too)!

We already are putting our heads together for new ideas and photo shoot concepts for you all to enjoy. So stay tuned to see what we will do!

 Xoxo bohindie babe interns fall 2016