Welcome to 2016, my trendy Bohindie Babes. A new season giddy with anticipation to release the latest jewelry, fashion, and styles. New resolutions are also here to push us to feel our happiest. Something else that makes us feel happy? FOOD. However, sometimes our resolutions disappear almost as quickly as our Chick-fil-a meals digest. We need to find a balance, and 2016’s new food trends will help us be our healthiest.

As I drink my Kale smoothie, I am one in the masses who know that Kale was huge for 2015. According to the Specialty Food Association, arriving on the scene in 2016 as the next superfood is seaweed, packed with antioxidants and fiber. Plant life is here to stay with all sorts of plant protein ready to go in any meal. Bean and lentil chips have seen an explosion, and vegetarians are sure to love this as healthy snacks.

While we would love to prepare the healthiest of meals, sometimes we have no choice in our hectic lifestyles but to get fast food. Fast food places are taking notice, and are adjusting their menus to satisfy the desire for good ingredients. Artificial ingredients and additives are disappearing from Chipotle and other fast food chain makeovers. Consumers can be aware of the nutritious facts as they pay and pick up meals via mobile apps in 2016, surging to become a staple at every fast food location.

2016 is the year to challenge yourself, try new ingredients, and be the best Bohindie Babe you can be.

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