The weather is getting chilly, cozy sweaters and leggings are everywhere, and the holiday spirit, if not already, getting ready to sweep us off our feet. Thanksgiving is almost upon us and all the memories it totes. I remember the school days of dressing like a Pilgrim or an Indian, and making hand turkeys to show to my classmates and friends.  I remember sitting at the little kids table for Thanksgiving dinner while the grownups feasted, and I always wondered when I would get to sit with the big kids. Growing up, I would feel so mischievous with my siblings when we could sneak in food before dinner when our mom specifically told us to not touch the food when she finished cooking. We still had each other’s backs, even if we did feel full when we reached the coveted grownup’s table. As I got older, I finally was able to cut the honorary first turkey slice with my loved ones cheering me on around the kitchen, little moments that mean a lot. Maturity has been able to change my perspective on things, and I’ve become a lot more appreciative of what I have. I used to hate Thanksgiving leftovers, but now that I’m in college, leftovers are my best friend; I ask my mom to stack the containers six feet tall! But also the little games like playing the wishbone with my dad will never go away. I’m not just appreciative of what I have, but who I have. We should be grateful for all whom have helped us, and then reciprocate by doing things for others. Enjoy what you have, and share it with others. Share the inspiration I know is inside you Bohindie Babes, make people happy, and live life triumphantly. Thanksgiving is one of the most sentimental times of the year, almost untouched by the threat of turning holidays into being very materialistic. Enjoy the moments and blessings of life. Happy Thanksgiving Bohindie Babes!