Since the purple merlot titanium coated quartz crystal seemed to be the star of the show for our newest collection, I thought it only made sense to feature it this week! Other names for this crystal are titanium aura quartz, flame aura, dark rainbow aura and “stone of astral journeys.” It is purple, blue, pink colored metallic crystal that shines different colors in different lighting. Its eye-catching color is the perfect addition to your ootd.

Besides being such a unique color it has a high energy and helps remove negative energy. Few can resist the metallic rainbow sheen that enchants your senses. It is especially good at avoiding and keeping away energy that is blocking creativity. It is said that it will open and empower you on any journey you take. Speaking of journeys it’s an excellent crystal for an astral journey or out of body experiences. This is why one of its many names is “stone of astral journeys.” 

Taking this crystal to another level the stone is used for crystal healing for vitality, strength, eyes, brain, ears, and central nervous system. The high vibrations this crystal emits will spiritually support your healing while also keeping you energized. It may also be used for meditation to promote contact with ancient Greek civilizations.

Another important quality of the crystal is that it stimulates the third eye. The third eye enhances focus and increases the ability to read peoples energy and understand them better. It is beneficial to creating and maintaining physical and emotional stability within which is perfect for the next couple weeks and finals! 

I got the chance to ask a few people what they thought of the crystal and the new pieces from Bohindie and here were there responses:

“The metallic purple color adds the perfect flare to any outfit. I cannot wait to rock the new pieces this fall, I think they would look super cool with a flannel and they'd add a little sparkle.”-Jenna Layton 

“I love the energy I get from wearing titanium quartz crystals. It's the perfect boost of confidence to add to a simple outfit. I would wear this with something as simple as my skinny jeans and a white v-neck to give me an easy go-to everyday look.” –Blakely Mus