This week I made a cute and easy candleholder made out of a mason jar! This is the perfect addition to any bathroom, living room, or bedroom and a good way for you bohindie babes to add a little sparkle to any space. Below are all the things you’ll need to make it:


-Mason Jar (I picked one with a black already on the bottom) 

-Mod Podge

-Gold Doilies


-Gold Glitter


Step 1:  First apply the Mod Podge all over the inside of the mason jar. Don’t be afraid to get messy because it will dry clear! 

Step 2: Place the gold doilies facing outward in the jar. When the glue dries you will be able to see the color of the doilies perfectly! 

Step 3: Apply mod podge around rim of jar and pour the gold glitter to cover top of the jar. We also added a hemp string around the top for a little extra décor but that is optional! The finally add a candle for the perfect amount of dim light in your room!