With Halloween right around the corner, there is a lot of spookiness going around. Hopefully, with exams boiling the brew, it wasn’t too much of a fright fest when those test booklets start howlin’. Long nights of studying soon turn into the all-nighters that leave our friends transformed into zombies, or vampires who don’t want to see the light of day. I am very excited when my friends escape their dungeons of testing, expand their crinkled wings, and fly with us into the Halloween spirit. The days leading up to Halloween are so fun and mystical, fluttering with imagination since the days of childhood. I love the friends who have been preparing for Halloween since the beginning of October (possibly even in September), and those that go last minute hallows eve shopping and somehow still pull it off!

For those far and in between I wanted to charm my Bohindie Babes’ souls with the magic of music. A classic song with the ambience of the Halloween spirit is the “Nights in White Satin” by the Moody Blues on the album Dark Shadows. These four minutes feel like the shadows are creepily crawling throughout a forest as a voice beckons with a light shining through the leaves for love. Another song haunting for love is “Witchcraft” by the great Frank Sinatra. Frankie’s voice resonates throughout the body, strong and flawless. Although released in 1957, Witchcraft was featured on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack and Sinatra takes our ears on a musical journey. Transitioning to the modern day, one artist who is very fond of Mr. Sinatra is Lady Gaga who produced the song “Monster” on the album, The Fame Monster. The synthesizers and the very catchy chorus “He ate my heart, he a-a-ate my heart” captures listeners to undoubtedly sing right away to the dance pop formula that fits the Halloween feel as the energy really picks up. A still very upbeat song without the synth, would have to be “Skeleton Song” by Kate Nash. It can send shivers down your bare bones with the passion she puts her heart and soul into this love song. A way to trickle out with the very Halloween-y vibes is the song “Vampire” by John and Jehn. The ambience of monsters is very alive and the ghouls come out to play in this track.

I hope these spooktacular songs will be a real treat while having some fang-tastic nights.  I witch you a Happy Halloween Bohindie Babes, happy haunting!

Brewed by Kyle Brunstetter

Click below if you dare and hear our special Halloween playlist with handpicked songs created just for you.