Calling all Bohindie Babes! This week I have a sneak peak before the sneak peak. This past Sunday we had our Fall 2015 shoot, featuring the newest and out of this world jewels. On Friday, I was able to visit with our very own Bohindie Stream #GirlBoss, Briana Ali and our two stylists, Sydney Dukas and Katherine Hall. I saw the magic behind creating the looks for Sunday's shoot! This has been one of the most exciting things for me because not only do I get to show you how it's all being done behind the scenes, but I also got a up close view on how Bohindie Stream creates these masterpiece look books each season.

It all sounds pretty easy right? This velvet jacket with the booties… these flare pants with this statement necklace.  But you have it all wrong. Each piece is hand picked, well thought out, and tried on multiple times. The attention to detail is insane. Bohindie strives to have the final product be nothing but the for all you Bohindie babes out there. Sydney helps put a stellar statement necklace on Kat below. They’re trying to figure out which necklace will turn some heads as you strut around in your latest Bohindie pieces this fall.  

Our team is stoked for you all to see our newest line of Bohindie jewels and cannot wait for all of you to rock these whimsical and captivating new styles. We have a sneak peak video and a bunch of pictures on our Instagram coming to you live this week before the big drop of the new collection next week. Keep your eyes peeled!

I loved being able to collaborate with several super creative people to form something so amazing. Styling is something I’ve always done for my friends but to actually be able to put my own style into something professional and that many other people will see is so surreal! Watching our hard work come to life in front of the camera was awesome!
— Sydney Dukas (Stylist)