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The Earth and its Crystals

Happy Earth Day Bohindie Babes! The Bohindie Stream crystals we have are just one of Earth’s beautiful creations. The different colors and tones, the positive energy, the emotions and aura that we emit, are all grounded as we are one with the earth. We wear these crystals not just over our chests, but over our hearts.

The Earth has provided for us, and has loved us unconditionally, no matter our backgrounds and cultures. Trees cover the land and create the air we breathe, clean up our pollution, and build our lives. Saving the trees from getting cut and burned down at an alarming rate will save the animals, that will in turn save the humans, that will save our future generations.

Pure love for the earth should take over us, not just as a fad, but as a lifelong mission. Native Americans had a seven generation plan for preserving the lands of Earth. Today’s society has a fear of even looking at tomorrow. We need to stand up for ourselves, take initiative, and use the love in our hearts to preserve the environment.

The little habits that you change can go a long way in this life. Simple things like keeping the water running while brushing your teeth wastes the gallons that you take away from a child who needs it just to stay hydrated. Earth day is not just about the planet, but loving one another. And when we love one another, the planet thrives off of us, making the world a better place.

Bohindie Babes, you can make a difference and make Earth Day every day.

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Dazzling Looks (BTS)

Lights, camera, action! Bohindie Babes, we have a treat for you. We are giving you a sneak peek with a look behind the scenes of our latest photo shoot! Coming to a Bohindie Stream website near you, vintage fashion and accessories will be an exciting launch to match with your Bohindie jewelry this Spring.

Our Bohindie models were bursting with confidence. Although the bright lights of our studio put a little glisten on their foreheads, they strutted every step of the way. They all had a barrage of dazzling poses in their repertoire that we know will show up in the latest stills. Our four Bohindie models each had a different look and personality, but it all came together for a very impressive photo op.

We want to give a big thank you to our beautiful models Brooke McFarland, Molly Hauer, Jenn Patria, and Brittany Wayne. Our stylists, Melissa Cancel and Jessi Anderson, did amazing handiwork to get our models to be the utmost fashion forward. I was delighted to capture the behind the scenes work of our photographer, Marina Williams, and our illustrious director, Briana Ali. We can’t wait for you to see the official pictures of our shoot, so here’s a couple of behind the scenes pictures to tide you over until then Bohindie Babes!



Treat Yourself

If you’re like me, taking time to treat yourself doesn’t happen very often. It seems like everyone just works, works, works nowadays, and never takes the time to relax and recharge. At times it may seem impossible to make quality time for yourself but in the long run it’s important because the payoff is huge. Here are a couple of ways to pamper yourself after a long, stressful week.

1. Take care of your skin. Facials and mini makeovers are great ways to treat yourself. Masks and moisturizers can help cleanse and hydrate your face, and mini makeovers such as, a new haircut or makeup style, can make you feel more positive and upbeat. 


2. Run a Bubble Bath. Stress is something we deal with on a weekly basis. It can cause many negative effects on your body and mind. Taking a nice warm bath can help relieve that stress and its negative effects. It can help clear your mind and soothe your muscles. 

3. Get a massage at the spa. Massages are also great in relieving stress and muscle soreness. Taking a little getaway to the spa is a great idea because it gets you away from your stressful environment and helps you come back refreshed and recharged. 

Manicure (1).jpg

4. Get a manicure and/or pedicure. This is not only a special treat but it also comes with a lot of great benefits, such as, removes dead skin and hangnails, moisturizes your skin, and gives a healthy glow. It’s also just a lot of fun, especially since there are so many new ways to decorate and style your nails. If you can’t go out to the spa, then invite your friends over and have a fun night in.  

5. Learn how to meditate. This is one of the best ways to take care of yourself. Meditation not only helps you relax, but it can also, reduce anxiety and stress, build self-confidence, and improve concentration (less procrastination). It also produces a lot of physical benefits such as, less headaches, lower blood pressure, and a better immune system.

All of these can help you relax, destress, and recharge for the next busy work week. We all need quality time to ourselves. So take the time to relax and make yourself feel healthy and beautiful. 




Festival Season 2016


Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Listening to it with friends? Even better. The good times, with good music, equals good memories. That’s what music festivals are perfect for. The greatest of summer festivals are approaching, and it’s time we get ready to dance our tail feathers off!

We were born ready for these moments. Use the money we’ve saved up to go to the concerts with the best artists that will paint the colors of your life onto your canvas of unforgettable moments. Do your research to find out when and where these concerts are all across the country.

One festival coming right up in California, a favorite of mine, is Coachella! The headliners include Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, Sia, M83, and Zedd. They all play on two separate weekends beginning April 15, but will be live streamed on YouTube if you can’t be there to live the dream in person!

Sunset Music Festival will also have a stacked lineup in Tampa, Florida. May 28-29 are the dates Galantis, Hardwell, and the Chainsmokers absolutely takeover. These established and fast-rising stars of the dance music scene will help you live out your fantasy.

The most unique festival of them all has to be Burning Man. Taking place in the middle of the Nevada desert, this cultural culmination among the community gives significant meaning to radical thinking and self-expression. Every year at the start of September, the next 8 days are filled with healing, outrageous thoughts, and answering the deepest of questions. It has a culture like no other, a definite must to check out.

Proper preparation is always key to a successful music festival trip. Bring cash to avoid ATM service fees, water so you don’t have to pay $5 a bottle, and the most positive of attitudes. Wear crazy clothes and fun jewelry so you look great in all the photos that last a lifetime. Bohindie Stream has some great new pieces, perfect to showcase at every festival!

Enjoy the season Bohindie Babes, music festivals are special. Your friends turn into family, and you bring in new perspectives about life. They make you want to relive the experience again and again, and if you could, to live in a music festival forever.



Mesmerizing Lantern Festival

This has been at the top of my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Just like that scene in Tangled, when Rapunzel and Flynn are in the middle of the lake and all of a sudden hundreds of lanterns are lighting the sky, I too want to experience that enchanting moment and hopefully someday soon I will!

Every year there is a magical, breath-taking festival where people from around the world light lanterns into the night sky. The name of this festival is Yee Peng; it’s a religious festival that celebrates Buddha. There’s also another festival that usually overlaps the lantern festival and it’s called Loi Krathong. This festival celebrates the river goddess and involves lighting candles and floating them down the river. The most elaborate celebrations for these festivals can be seen in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Each festival has a specific meaning for the release of the lanterns and candle floats. When paper lanterns are released they are meant to symbolize an end to one’s bad luck and when the candle floats are released they symbolize one’s wish for good luck. The festivals fit perfectly together; one symbolizes out with the bad and the other symbolizes in with the good.

People come from all over the world to experience these celebrations. Can you imagine celebrating two festivals at once, where once a year there are lights floating on the waters, lights dancing in the sky and lights decorating all the houses and trees and everyone is happy and celebrating.. It must be such a magical moment… one to remember for a lifetime. 




April showers bring May flowers. Bohindie Babes, remember that old saying dating back to our childhood? Spring has arisen in Earth’s garden, and flowers are blooming across the lands like a dream. In anticipation of the clouds parting upon the petals, the rains will fall upon the dirt. That keeps a lot of us inside, wondering what to do. Here are rainy day ideas to bide your time before getting to frolick in the sun’s warmth.

The mighty thunder roars as I type this, giving me a great chance to be one with my thoughts. I like to express my feelings by either writing them down or blogging away. Whether they go public or not, give that time to yourself to feel your soul. Keeping them pent up creates that negative energy that you need to release. This medium is a great way to feel you’re not on your own.

Getting lost in something like a good book is also a way to feel out those rainy days. Getting lost in your closet isn’t. Be productive and clean out your closet to feel more organized. Better yet, clear that space to make way for those new shoes you’ve always wanted. Even if you can’t wear them outdoors yet, online shopping is so much fun.

DIY creations are also a lot of fun. Check out some our DIY crafts, ranging from jewelry holders to candles that will fill your room with happiness. This safe place is a great place to relax after with a little film festival of your own. Watch a classic flick with bubbles while you soak in the bathtub too, just keep the electronics away from the water!

Rainy days sometimes are the best days. Just when you thought your time was going to be dull, the creative juices start flowing, and that day becomes the happiness of relaxation. Use this time to recoup with your life, and enjoy Bohindie Babes.




New Orleans. NOLA. The Big Easy. The city of jazz is full of different names, all culminating into letting the good times roll! This city might be only ten years removed from a disastrous Hurricane Katrina, but New Orleanians have banded together and kept tourism and its buildings flourishing.

I was blessed with the opportunity this past St. Patty’s week with joining the American Marketing Association at the International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. This conference was not only a great investment for my professional development, but a great look at one of America’s eclectic cities for the very first time. I was only there for four days, but I wanted to be there for so much longer.

One of the ways New Orleans won me over went straight for my stomach. NOLA is famous for having shrimp in almost every dish, and I soon was able to taste every French-inspired temptation I had. Start the day off with breakfast at the Palace Café. It might seem like it’s a little outdoor café, but once you enter through that revolving door, you will be greeted with luxury and serenaded by a wonderful Jazz band that is music to your ears. As your day moves on, cruise on over to the one and only Gumbo Shop. Your soul will be pleased with all types of Cajun foods.

Now of course New Orleans is not all about its unique food, but its great historic factor. French Quarters has some of the most beautiful 18th century homes with iron-rod balconies. The 1850 house is a great place to visit on a plantation that wanted to show off its wealth. With its history comes an eerie spookiness. Cemetery tours in the middle of the city are frequent, but are only allowed to be seen under strict guidance, or else the ghosts will get you! Just kidding, but the voodoo practice is very much alive, something to do only if you dare. This city is one of the most haunted in the United States, but that makes it all the more fun.

The New Orleans nightlife, especially with the famous Bourbon Street, can take you all the way until dawn. So no matter how into NOLA you experience, you will have a great time that will definitely want you coming back again. With its good food, great music, and lots of partying, the big curve of the Mississippi will be music to your ears!




DIY: Yarn Wall Art

Things Needed:

·      Wood dowel or branch

·      Yarn

·      Jute string (optional)

·      Scissors

This is a fun easy way to decorate your room! And the possibilities are endless – any color, any size!

Starting with the yarn, cut it double the length of how long you want it to hang. Some of the yarn you can cut longer or shorter if you want to add a bit of flair. But make sure to cut a bunch and don’t worry about the lengths being perfect, you can trim the ends at the end. 

After cutting up a bunch, you can start tying them to the branch. I think slip knotting them is the best way, but any way you want to will work! Be as creative as you want!

As you’re tying the yarn, try to make sure the knots are tight and as close together as possible. Each piece should be squeezed next to the previous piece to prevent gaps.

After filling your branch with yarn, the next step is to trim the bottoms. You can either create a design (like a “V” shape), trim it to have a straight edge or an angle, or you can leave it untrimmed and random. There are lots of different options!

Lastly, you can use jute string to hang it up. Figure out the length you want it and then wrap it around both ends of the branch and tie it to secure it. The string is optional for hanging it up (I’ve seen some hangings that don’t have a string, they just rest on nails in the wall).

This is a great idea for a crafting night or even a fun gift to give! 




Stay Motivated

Have you ever had one of those days where you get nothing done on your long to-do list? You have so much to do, but you just can’t seem to focus on finishing any of them. Sometimes staying motivated can be hard. With so many things that distract us and pull our attention away from what needs to be done, it’s easy to procrastinate. So how do we stay productive? 

 To help stay productive and motivated here are some tips:

  • Move around! – Exercise is one of the best ways to clear your head and help you regain focus. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme, it can be as simple as a 10 minute walk outside. Changing your perspective through exercise will give you more energy to continue your tasks. 

  • Stay Positive – Having a happy, positive attitude is a great way to stay focused. If you surround yourself with uplifting thoughts and positive affirmations, you will start to see more positive results in your life. Speaking positive affirmations out loud will help your mind to think more clearly and keep you motivated. 

  • Change your view – Sometimes the environment you’re in can block your thinking. When this happens, it’s best to either take a break or move to another spot. A change in scenery can really help get you out of your funk and thinking creatively again. 

  • Start small – It can be very overwhelming when you have a lot of tasks. But an easy way to cope, is to break all those big tasks down into smaller, easier parts. This will help keep you from stressing and being completely overwhelmed. 

  • Celebrate – Don’t forget to reward yourself when you finish a task. Rewards are key to staying motivated. Every time you reach a goal, whether big or small, celebrate. When you have a reward to look forward to, it helps your mind stay focused on reaching your goal. 




Oscars 2016 Fashion

Every year I eagerly await award season. Most people are excited to see who will win, but I’m always more excited to see all the glamorous outfits. Earlier this week, on Sunday the biggest awards show of the year, the Oscars, was hosted. This is the grand finale of the award season. It’s the last chance to get all dolled up and make a fashion statement. And this year, the Stars didn’t disappoint! From plunging necklines to high slits, there were so many show-stopping dresses.

All the styles were different so there really wasn’t an overall style trend at the awards this year. There was a little bit of everything, which made it interesting but in general there was a lot of contrast between soft and elegant to bold and bright.

Stars walked the red carpet in glamorous gowns that sparkled and shined. Sparkles and flowers were seen in more than one dress.

The fashion was fierce with so many bold, vibrant styles adorning the red carpet. There were so many beautiful dresses that I couldn’t decide my favorite. Here are a few of my favorites! 

I’ve also read a couple of articles recently that suggested that some of the Stars were dressed more like Disney princesses. Here are a few of the inspired Disney looks.

Alicia Vikander (Belle) - The Best Supporting Actress winner looked like a Belle doppelganger with her embellished yellow gown and her hair curled and in a half bun.

Saoirse Ronan and Naomi Watts (Mermaid) – Both of these ladies gave mermaid vibes with their sequined dresses. Naomi’s dress was one of my personal favorites! 

Brie Larson (Cinderella) – This one is a bit of a stretch. But with her royal blue ruffled, ball-gown dress she looks like an older, more mature Cinderella.



Options for the Male Bohindie Babe

Taken by Jessi Anderson 

Taken by Jessi Anderson 

As a male looking into the world of Bohindie Stream, it can be kind of intimidating.  Most guys have just come through and bought something for their better half and not considered that many pieces might also work for them.  Men can see the aesthetic that Bohindie Stream creates as unattainable or unapproachable unless you’re some hipster or Johnny Depp. The truth is that’s just not the case. Many of the pieces look great with simple outfits.

The bullet case designs such as the Bullet of Focus and the Bullet of Energy look great with baggy sweaters and jackets.  Fitted jeans and casual dress shoes or even work boots can work well for this look as well.  Don’t forget you can also get these pieces customized with black cords instead of the gold chains, which adds a masculine edge to pieces like the Trios.  All of these looks are classy, fun and will certainly impress.  There are many accessible pieces to men, given a little searching and customization.

 Don’t let the women in your life have all the Bohindie fun.   Try some new looks and spice up your style!

Looks to check in the shop:






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DIY: Bohemian Rope Lampshade

Here’s a colorful way to brighten up your bedroom!

Start with any lamp you already have or go out and buy one at a thrift store. Next decide what type of rope you want to use. You can pick a multicolor rope/yarn to add an eclectic look or maybe just a simple neutral twine to give a natural, modern feel. Once you’ve picked everything out, you’re ready to start revamping!

There are two ways to do this. You can either decide to wrap the rope horizontally or vertically around the lampshade. If you decide horizontally then you will need a hot glue gun and a spray adhesive.

Horizontally: Start the rope at the base of the lamp shade and on the back seam; use the hot glue gun to start and hold the rope down on that seam. Next spray the spray adhesive around the lampshade as you slowly wrap the rope around. (Spray little portions at a time). Every time the rope makes it to the seam use the hot glue to attach it more securely. Repeat these steps until the entire lampshade is wrapped.

If you decide to wrap the rope vertically then there’s a different method to use.

Vertically: To do it vertically, it’s best to take off the lampshade and only keep the wire frame. Then take the rope and begin wrapping it over the frame vertically. Tie the rope when you’re completely finished and try to tuck the knot inside the lampshade to hide it.

Now you have a new, repurposed lamp that will make a great new addition in your room!


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Stimulating Happiness

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” This quote by Jim Rohn has inspired me to not take for granted my mental and physical health. It doesn’t have to be the willpower to climb a mountain, but it is the little things that you can do each morning that can make the world of a difference. Here are some ideas that you can build into your free-spirited lifestyle.

Water. It makes up over half of our bodies. So why don’t we keep it as fresh as our news feeds? Starting the day out with a fresh glass of water can do wonders for our bodies. It’s great to wake us up and kick-start our systems. Better yet, get a colorful travel mug that you leave by your bed side, filled with ice cold water, so in the morning you begin with the refreshing taste to make you feel a whole lot better.

That colorful travel mug can also have a wonderful effect on you as well! According to the color theory, bright colors are stimulating to the brain and your senses. Those bright colors can help you get moving, decreasing your grogginess levels so you feel happier. Wonderful colors equals a wonderful you.

Expressing gratitude goes a long way towards not just others, but yourself. It gains a perspective before starting your days. We may get lost in the things we have to do, but we can’t lose sight of what is bigger than that. Writing down what you are grateful and what you are looking forward to in the day gives a better outlook. Being free-spirited includes being happy, and this in turn leads to better productivity. Better productivity leads us right back to being happy when we get home!

Your body and soul go hand in hand, and taking care of it will allow you to live a long and prosperous life. Bohindie Babes, maybe you can even share a couple of morning rituals that you do in the comments section below! Keep smiling on.



Adventure Journal


"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St. Augustine

If you like to travel and have an obsession with taking photos and keeping ticket stubs for memories then this idea is for you!

For all the elaborate planned-out trips or for the simple local day trips, a travel journal is a great way to remember your special moments. It’s always fun to look back through old journals and photo albums of past trips so why not combine them into one fun adventure journal and fill it with all your amazing trips!

You can include maps, checklists, pockets/folders, photos, ticket stubs, doodles, and notes.

Also you might want to include travel-related to-do lists; topics can include “yummy foods to try” and “important landmarks to see.” (It’s always fun to cross off items on a list!) You can use your journal as a travel planner or a way to document your many exploits.

It’s the ultimate travel most-have! This journal is made to remember impromptu road trips with your besties, backpacking trips across Europe, long days at the beach, and romantic getaways with your love. But the best memories are sometimes the spontaneous, unexpected adventures you encounter along the way. Either way this journal is meant to hold a lifetime of fun memories.

Get ready to jet off on your next adventure! No matter where in the world your travels take you, remember that you can record your memories in your adventure journal! 



How Purpose saved Justin Bieber's Career

Justin Bieber has had a very polarizing career with spectacular successes and perhaps even more spectacular failures of late.  For many his run-ins with the law turned them off to his music and him as a personality/celebrity.  Bieber needed something to reinvent himself and 2015 was his year to do just that.  His rebranding started with the Roast of Justin Bieber which was aired by Comedy Central on March 30th of 2015.  This was a pretty apparent publicity stunt to come off as more humble and likable to bring back fans he had lost through his questionable escapades.  However apparent a ploy it may have been, it went on to be the roast with the highest ratings ever for the station.  This along with other efforts on social media and TV allowed him to start to change his image for the better.  The major shift in the acceptance came with the release of his most recent album, Purpose

                  Being a man in my twenties, I may not be the target audience of Justin Bieber’s music, but even I could hear a massive improvement in his efforts. Purpose really took his sound to new places with production from forces in the industry like Skrillex and Diplo, most notably on the track “Where Are Ü Now” which took the world by storm when it was first released on the self-titled Jack Ü project.  All three of the singles “What Do You Mean?”, “Sorry”, and “Love Yourself” were received incredibly well in a pop-culture sense.   The album went on to do very well, having the highest selling week of 2015 as well as going platinum (having over 1,000,000 sales.)  This album, however, doesn’t seem to be defined by its financial success, but rather its new, electronic/dubstep sound that carries many songs.  There are, of course, his usual ballads to play to the younger, female demographic, but those are accompanied by some very good up-tempo songs that have people that were never fans before, like myself, interested.  If Bieber’s career and music follow this new path he has set up for himself then he has a decent chance at keeping himself and his music relevant and fun.  




tOur Favorite Street Style from NYFW 2016

Not only is it fun to see what the models are wearing as they walk down the runway but seeing what the bloggers, editors, and fashion goers are wearing to the many different events is even more interesting. We can see what is on the runway but worn in a way that can be every day attire. 

Here are some of the trends we have seen the past couple days at NYFW:

  • Representing the 70s, you have denim coveralls and pants making a big statement. Even though this stylewas big in 2015, we are seeing it trickle into 2016.

  • Kooky prints and vibrant colors

We are noticing a more causal style to the street looks with many jean shorts and skirts. We did notice that some took it a little too far and seemed more disheveled than anything else.

  • Chokers, bandana necklaces, and skinny scarfs

  • Slits up the thigh seem to be pretty popular this year

  • Faux fur coats and scarfs

Some of our favorite looks:




Spring Photo Shoot in Georgia

As the models were preparing their hair and makeup for the shoot, one of the brand ambassadors, Bryn, and I made our way to the town of Thomasville, Georgia. This is where we would scout out locations to capture the Spring collection. Neither of us had ever made the drive up to see this quant little town in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere. Siri had decided to take us through the backroads to get us there, which ended up taking longer, but it turned out to work in our favor as we were able to see the forest leading up to the town along with many farm animals. 

With some of the buildings still remaining from the 1880's, Thomasville provided many ideal spots for the photo shoot with all the history, art, culture, and nature that surrounded us. Being that it was Sunday in a small town with a tiny population, we quickly found that every store and restaurant was closed in the downtown area. We did however, end up finding this amazing coffee company with exposed brick and local artist's pieces hanging throughout the store that let us come inside to shoot, even though they were not open at the time. 


After the first look was shot in the coffeeshop, we adventured around to old rustic buildings and alleyways to capture the other three looks. Everything seemed to go perfectly, from the models workin' with Bohindie pieces on set, to the photographer capturing all the shots we needed and more, and to the weather being in our favor even though the past couple days had been dreary and cold. We are so excited to see how the photos turned out, even more excited to launch the Spring collection for our Bohindie Babes. 




10 Trips to take in your 20s

1.      Go on a road trip across country.

The best kinds of trips are with your best friends. So before you and your friends graduate and all move away, take advantage of still being together and go on a summer road trip. Grab your friends, pack your bags and hop in your car for a fun adventure cross-country.

2.      Backpack through Europe.

This is a classic rite of passage for many people in their twenties. With the Eurail pass and cheap Ryanair flights the adventures can be endless. Remember, hostels are a great way to meet other travelers and save money!

3.      Have a crazy spring break.

Everyone has to experience at least one wild spring break in their lifetime. And it’s probably better to do this in your early 20s before you graduate.

4.      Study Abroad.

If you’re in college, study abroad programs are a great option! You can plan a semester or even a year away and it’s available in almost every country around the world!

5.      Explore Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia is considered the ultimate destination to lose and find yourself. This is a great place to experience different cultures and make new friends along the way.

6.      Revel in a quiet camping trip.

Go camping in the middle of nowhere. There’s an old saying that being outdoors is good for the soul. So find somewhere that will truly make you feel at one with nature. Refresh yourself in the calm and peace of nature.

7.      Go to a music festival.

Spend a weekend at a music festival. Whether its Coachella or Burning Man, music festivals are thrilling and addicting. Some of your best memories will be from your exciting festival weekend.

8.      Spend a week on the beach.

Go on a romantic getaway! Spend a week on a beautiful beach, relaxing with someone you love. Do absolutely nothing. Relax and read.

9.      Take a last minute trip.

Somewhere unexpected. No plans are sometimes the best plans!

10.  Volunteer in another country

Helping others is a great way to grow and see new perspectives. Volunteering is also a great way to go somewhere new without having to spend a lot.

So seize the day! Pack your bags and go on an adventure! 



Bohindie Shoot and Where to Eat in Thomasville

This past Sunday, we at Bohindie Stream had a very cool photo shoot in the small, antebellum town known as Thomasville, Georgia.  The old-south aesthetic and interesting, local shops make Thomasville a must-go location for anyone within a day’s drive.  Just make sure to get there before 6pm for the shops and definitely don’t go on Sunday if you want anywhere to be open. 

The shoot happened to start at my first recommendation, Grassroots Coffee.  This is a pretty universally lauded destination that offers great coffee in a very interesting and beautiful building.  It is certainly worth a visit and is a reason to go to Thomasville if you haven’t.


The second place to go is probably my favorite of the three and it’s the Sweet Grass Cheese Shop.  This really is a cheese and hard meat shop that kind of morphed into a great, charming little restaurant.  Don’t expect to be going anywhere fast and don’t mind the wait, enjoy it.  This place is beautiful and the food is amazing.  It’s not your traditional restaurant in that it’s primarily group appetizer centric.  It’s a place to go and talk while enjoying tasty and unusual local foods.

The last place on the list is a great place to get dessert after a nice day on the town.  While Smallcakes may be a franchise, the Thomasville location is certainly the best I’ve been to.  The cupcakes are great and this is a wonderful place to end off any date night.

These are all good recommendations, but don’t stop there. Go and explore Thomasville yourself.  Find your own favorite spots! 



Fun in the Sun

With snow draped across the country, people are seeking just enough warmth to get by the next couple of months. Meanwhile, South Floridians are basking in the sun, soaking up their tans. Fort Lauderdale, especially, has year-around sunshine on the many canals that rival the land. There is a lot to love in the “Venice of America” with its beaches, art, and overall culture.

Fort Lauderdale is known for its iconic white wave wall in front of its beautiful landscaped beaches. Across the street are luxurious hotels, shopping, and exquisite restaurants. Even with its top-end offerings, you can still get your tacky tourist on and visit the plenty of gift shops scattered around town.

After getting a little sunburned when you forgot to put on suntan lotion, head on over to Las Olas Boulevard! Even more top-of-the-line shops and restaurants await in a quaint setting. This is until the bars and clubs open up and bring the nightlife to the city to the wee hours of the night.

When you want to take it slow, skip your way over to the antique Stranahan house. The Stranahan House is a preserved 1900s era that takes you back in time. It is beautifully decorated around the holidays, celebrating a Victorian Christmas! This historic house is located right on the water, and has river ghost tours every Sunday. You might even encounter spooky spirits along the way. Otherwise, there are plenty of multi-million dollar mansions to awe at as you float down the river.

Fort Lauderdale is full of surprises, and is fun in the sun! Welcome to Paradise Bohindie Babes.