Bohindie Stream (noun): A place where you can let your spirit be illuminated by your imagination.
Inspired by the magic in the universe, the unexplainable, and all the simple beauties in the details of life.
  • "The company foundations are filled with heart and so is each individual piece that is being sold."

  • "I have truly never stumbled upon a more perfect jewelry line. I don't think there has been one design that I haven't completely fallen completely in love with. If someone asked me what my personal style was, I would immediately say "Go look at Bohindie Stream NOW!"

  • "You have some of the absolute coolest, unique, and eye catching jewelry I have ever seen. The fun little personality quiz makes shopping an experience and your own little personal journey."

  • "The overall whimsy of Bohindie Stream draws me in. I've always been drawn to the mischievous nature of the night sky and I think that's what brings me back to your website constantly. I'm also in love with the small details you put into your product and brand. I love the engagement with your followers and how you find names for your pieces that speak to them the most. I get lost in your brand and I love that."

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